The Woods Valley Ski Racing Team is designed to give children who love to ski the opportunity to improve both their technical and general skiing skills. The emphasis is on having fun, while concentrating on all aspects of ski racing. The competitive nature of the program can be as relaxed or as intensive as each individual chooses.

          Our program focuses on skiers ages 7 to 14  (U10, U12, U14, and U16). No previous racing experience is required; however, participants must be able to ride the ski lifts safely by themselves. The program is intended to allow those skiers without any race experience to improve their skills, while at the same time allowing those racers with some experience to continue their development and improve their racing skills. All of the racers train together and grow to be a supportive team.

          Skiing is a sport in which these athletes will be able to participate throughout their lives. Our goal is to help all skiers reach their potential. We want them to understand the relationship that dedication and hard work have to the successful accomplishment of their individual and team goals. It is our ultimate objective that all athletes leave the program with a true love of skiing and continue to ski recreationally even if they do not continue to race.

          The Woods Valley Ski Racing Team is sponsored by the Woods Valley Alpine Ski Racing Foundation, Inc., a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating our youth in the joy of ski racing.